We at ALIF INDUSTRIES are dedicated to the FRP(fiber Reinforced Polymer) in the the West African Country of the Ivory Coast better Known as Cote Divoire , based in Abidjan Located in Port Bouet , close to the International airport of Abidjan. ALIF Industries is the first company in the Coat D'ivoiry to produce FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Roofing  Sheets.


FRP Sheets are single moulded continuous sheets with both side smooth, glossy finish with inbuilt colour of your choice, which are duly ‘UV’ Stabilized for protection against ‘UV’ rays and colour fading. It is widely used for roofing or as cladding and for covering of fencing of outer Boundary Wall of the building. It provides acoustic insulation to the building/enclosures. This is one of the most important uses of FRP in the building industry as it provides the security protection.The heat protect characteristics, lightness, toughness, weather resistance and self extinguishing properties make it particularly suitable for roof. The corrugated FRP sheets are made in a range of profiles which is better than the corrugated steel and asbestos sheeting. Corrugated  FRP sheeting can also be used as a patio cover. Additional uses include yard and swimming pool, fences and awnings. FRP roof  sheets offers obvious advantages  when compared the Metal sheet. They are also easier to handle and install. FRP sheet can be used for cladding other structural materials or as an integral part of  either a structural or non-load bearing wall panel. For cladding structures of concrete or brick, flat sheets can be used. The advantages of FRP here is the ease of fabrication of large panels to minimize joints and are available infinite range of colored and textured surfaces. Fixing devices and joints should accommodate the movement caused by the differential thermal expansion between FRP and other materials, such as concrete and metal. FRP can an acceptable finish to asbestos sheets. FRP sheets backed by lightweight concrete and as inner skin of plaster  can be used to clad high-rise steel frame buildings.

  • Wavy Opaque Corrugated Sheets for homes ceilings,
  • Translucent sunlight corrugated Sheets,
  • Supermarkets, Trucks Containers and Home Assembly.
  • Bricks form and Shape with various colors from Blue, Green, Red
  • Semi Sheet Piles for covering DEPOT and all other Industrial covering usage.
  • Flat Sheets for the internal usage in Kitchens , Cold Stores, Hospitals, Garages